About Us

Chengdu Zysen Technology Co., Ltd. (Zysen) is a valued supplier of high  performance RF Microwave components and related services. With over ten years of proven performance, Zysen manufactures a very broad range of RF and Microwave products. Our product range includes standard off-the-shelf catalog items, but primarily custom designed products for special customer requirements.


Zysen focuses primarily on high performance products and maintains a stringent quality control process, the products are used in the military, satellite, aerospace and telecommunication industries where performance, reliability and durability matter.


Zysen has learned that the below parameters are the keys to success in establishing a long lasting client relationship:

l      Competitiveness

l      Reliability

l      Flexibility

l      Service. We are really proud of the delivery speed, our standard delivery time is     1/4 of the average US company standard delivery time.

l      A surprising knowledge of the most advanced technology on the market.


The entire Zysen staff is willing to go the extra mile to satisfy our customers’ needs , besides the standard products offered, we also do customization. Even you only need one piece, you will still receive warm and professional treatment. Quotes will reply your inquiry within 48 hours. We excel in providing made-to-order, one-of-a-kind and hard-to-find products.


Zysen is committed to helping customers meet their RF and microwave performance goals and give the capability of providing our customers with rapid turnaround, proven quality and a competitive price. We take pride in our products and our high integrity is demonstrated in every component.